Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Oh DVR, How I Have Missed You....

Isn't it so sad that I was gone for less then a week and when I come home my DVR is loaded up with goodies for me? haha. AND to make matters even better, we have had 2 snow days that I can be lazy and catch up on all of my shows. Matt gets to be the lucky one and watch them with me. He just laughs at the shows that I can't wait to see. Here are just a few that I couldn't wait to see.
I don't know what I think about Brad on the Bachelor this season. He keeps saying that he has changed but seeing the previews for the end of the season kind of scares me. Of course there is that ONE crazy girl that I can't stand to watch. This season it is Michelle. I don't understand how we see the CRAZY and he sees the crazy as sexy. She turned out kind of like a dominatrix this week, taking Brad into a room, straddling him, and not letting him talk. She said, "Next time I will let you talk." Wow.
Then we have sweet Emily who hasn't even said anything negative about any of the girls. How can you just not love her. And we all felt for her this week when Brad took the girls on a group date to the race track. I thought Brad handled it very well, but it made all of the other girls jealous. We will see what the rest of the season brings.

Who hasn't seen this show?! Matt and I started watching it on Netflix. It is on 'instant' and so we were able to watch whenever we wanted. WHAT A SHOW! I loved the movie but this TV show is amazing. Talk about an incredible cast that you can't help but love with a little extra dose of high school football mixed in. The show is in its final season on Direct TV channel 101. There are only 2 episodes left and I am almost depressed to know that.
It's funny because now some of our friends are just now falling in love with this show. For those of you who live in Bville, I have all of this season on my DVR still. We could have a FNL day. If you haven't seen the show and have Netflix, WATCH THIS. You will not be able to get enough, I promise.

Oh Real Housewives of Beverly Hills you are so dramatic. There is something about watching someone elses lives that just hooks you. First of all, these ladies are LOADED. Have you seen their houses and cars and jewelry and pools.....WOW. I cannot believe the drama that has come out of these ladies. I mean crazy. The Reunion shows were this week and last week. There were some surprising endings to everything. Camile apologized to Kim. Camille has been noted as the most hated housewife. I still don't know how sincere she was at the Reunion. (My dog just farted and I totally got distracted. ha.) I just think this show is funny. Season 2 can start anytime. ha.

CASTLE!!!!!! I hope everyone has seen this show. Castle and Beckett kissed last week. Even though it was to distract a bad guy, you could see that there were feelings there. It is sort of the kiss we have all been waiting for. Now it can happen for real. There has been crazy sexual tension between the two. The producers keep tricking us into thinking that more is happening then really is in the previews. I was almost mad at them when they showed the one where Castle has an engagement ring. Really? They had to do that to us? We know something MUST happen, I just hope is does in this lifetime....

And last but not least, One Tree Hill. (I am watching the show right now crying ha.) I have been a loyal fan of this show since it first started. There have been some season that I haven't seen but I picked it back up two seasons ago. There are some new cast members and we have lost some. Of course there is the typical drug/alcohol problem, shooter on the loose, family members passing away, and weddings. I love it though. Brooke just married Julianne and of course I sit here crying from some of the scenes. I just love this show.
So those were some of the shows that I got to catch up on. Of course there are others as well BUT these are my favs. Ok that's all- the dog keeps farting. I think I need to venture into the snow to take him out...

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