Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cake Balls and Homemade Salsa- What a Combo...

I was at a couples shower before the end of the year and they served some killer salsa. They said it was homemade and of course I was asking where they got that recipe. I had never heard of The Pioneer Woman but everyone else had. A few of my girls friends even had her cook books. When I went home I looked her up and found her blog and website. On there she has the recipe to her salsa among other goodies. I have used her recipe for the Molten Chocolate Cake that I made in a previous post, Her website is I followed her salsa recipe last night. Here is what you need and how I made it:

1 can of Whole Tomatoes- juice and all (Walmart was pretty picked over yesterday at the store)

2 Can of Rotel- I used one HOT to add some kick and then I used Lime and Cilantro for the other. I couldn't find cilantro at Walmart either so I was hoping that this would do the trick. (I also forgot to add in lime so good thing I got this can that has it. ha)

A little onion and a whole jalapeno (seeds and all)
Other Ingredients that aren't shown:

1/2 tsp. salt
1/2 tsp. sugar
1 tsp. garlic
Lime juice- half of a large lime (I used the Rotel)
Cilantro (Thanks Rotel)
Cumin...forgot that

I got a mini food processor from my Grandmother last year and never thought I would need a big one. Boy was I wrong. You are suppose to dump everything into the processor together and then blend BUT since it was small I had to do everything in stages and then mix in a bowl together.

Matt tried the salsa and said that it had too much onion, which The Pioneer Woman warned me about. SOOO, I added another can of Rotel and Tomatoes to even it out and I think it did the trick. I think that it is yummy and am now trying to figure out how to use it all. I think a Mexican Fiesta is in our future!


This time I used Devils Food. The batter sure tasted yummy! I made the cake balls with whipped butter cream frosting. I thought that would be good with the devils food cake. I rolled them into balls and then set in the fridge during the time I made the salsa. At Walmart they sell bags of Wilton Candy Melts.
The Candy melts you can order in any color you want. Just follow the link above. The Bentonville Walmart sells the white, brown, and pink melts. I have the cake ball book by Bakerella and in the book it says to NEVER color the melts with food coloring or anything water based. It has to be OIL BASED. Me being stupid, made the mistake once again and ruined a whole bad of white melts. I guess I don't know where to get oil based coloring. Someone needs to let me in on that secret. ha. I decided to go with cake balls this time instead of cake pops. Maybe I will do something fancy for Valentines day next weekend. Who knows. So I dipped some in the pink melts and some in the white. Since the cake was brown it shows through with the white melts. Next time I will keep that in mind for cake/color selection.
I also bought a pack of 2 bottles (they look like ketchup/mustard bottles) for decorating. I think they were $2.00 at Walmart. Again, you find all of this in the cake decorating section that is with the wedding, birthday, and greeting cards area. I filled the bottles and decorated the balls. I found this awesome silver glitter sprinkles and so I put that on before it dried. Below are picture of what they look like. I think they are super cute and the prefect coloring for Valentines day. Now all I need is a better camera to take pictures of this stuff. These aren't doing them justice. Hopefully my father-in-law with love them because they were made again from his request.

If you want more info on Bakerella and the Cake Balls and Cake Pops go to She is AMAZING!!!


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