Sunday, February 13, 2011

I Pledge to Leave You In The Dust


I do not like cleaning...AT ALL...but I like a clean house. When my house is dirty, I feel dirty. With all of these snow days I have not been really cleaning because we are just "here" and making messes everywhere.

Dusting used to be my favorite when I was growing up. Super easy right? Not anymore. Dusting has become some god-awful chore now that we have a 90lb. German Shepherd.

It's not just dusting anymore because it's not JUST dust! Totally gross and I have to keep telling myself how much I love my dog every time I dust or vacuum or see my problem.

I have been using the Pledge below for a while. Something about "Dust and Allergen" got me to try it out a long time ago.

Matt has allergies and so does my dog (does it even mean allergens for a dog?). But I haven't liked it because when I dust it almost leaves a wet appearance. If I clear my coffee table and dust and then put back what was on it, the next time I pick it up there is still that film/wet stuff under it. I also don't like sweeping my hand across and having it on my hand. Ick.

Time for something new obviously.
And here it is. Ta-Da!!

Pledge Multi-Surface. The multi-surface part got me. Their advertisements worked.

I used it all around my house. THE BEST PART: NO RESIDUE- and it still gets rid of 90% allergens. (Smiley face)

Woop Woop!! My wood is clean and looking dry. Love it!

No wonder they won this award.

I think I will still stick to my Windex on glass because I'm partial to that stuff. A little like "My Big Fat Greek Wedding."
OK stupid post I know but sometimes you just have to share stuff like this.
Now I feel better. But if I'm missing out on something even better please let me know.

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