Saturday, February 5, 2011

Mumford & Sons

If you haven't heard of Mumford & Sons you are totally missing out. I mean, this band is amazing and will totally rock your world. I downloaded this whole album on my iPhone and I can't get enough of it. It is my go-to "Get ready music", it will amp you up for a great evening. You might even find me dancing in the mirror with the straightener in my hand. Matt thinks all of the songs sound the same, but Matt's music repertoire is limited. He doesn't stray into unknown territory of music and only sticks with what he know (country, blues, and rock). Me on the other hand, I LOVE any kind of music. I have favorites in any genre. I love going on road trip by myself because I can rock out to any kind of music that I want and listen to favorites over and over without being yelled at.

Let's get back to Mumford & Sons. Their album Sigh No More has 12 high powered songs. Each one is equally perfect and this is the one album that I don't find myself skipping songs to get to others.

The instruments in this band is what grabs me and makes me scream "MORE". Instruments include the typical drums, guitar, and bass guitar and then the not-so-typical mandolin, accordion, banjo, and Dobro. The last few instruments are some of my favorites and I cant seem to get enough especially when integrated into a "rock" album.

The sound of the album takes me back to Yonder Mountain String Band and The String Cheese Incident. Both YMSB and SCI make amazing music to begin with, but then they throw in the violin or the mandolin and it completely knocks you off your feet.

What amazes me are their influences. If you read on Wikipedia about the is says that Shakespears Much Ado ABout Nothing is where the album name comes from. And "Roll Away Your Stone" is influenced my Macbeth. "Timshel" and "Dustbowl Dance" are taken from John Steinbecks East of Eden and Grapes of Wrath. I also learned that Mumford also runs an online book club from their official site.

My favorite Mumford & Sons songs are "Sigh No More," "Roll Away Your Stone," "Little Lion Man," "Timshel," and "Awake My Soul." Those would be the first songs to download to test out what you think. Honestly though, if you love all kinds of music and especially love the sound of a banjo and mandolin then you will love this album. It is about time that they come out with their second album....anytime now men....anytime.

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