Saturday, February 12, 2011

Make It or Break It

Ok ya'll I have been doing a little research. Just a little....I say this as I have 12 tabs of blogs open on on my browser.

You might say obsessed. Maybe I am and maybe I'm not. I just have fun doing this stuff.

You all might have seen my previous post with the sugar cookies that I made. They suck compared to these. Haha. I mean really; my stuff= beginner, theirs=PRO.

Maybe someday I will be this good. Here is to hoping.

Anyways here is what I have found thus far.

Cookie Blogs!

OK- start with Bake at 350. She made the cookies below. They are amazing. Check her out.

Then go to University of Cookie. Written by Bridget who writes Bake at 350.

This site had tutorial after tutorial on sugar cookies and decorating. I mean step by step kind of stuff in VIDEO form. Can you say "Thank You!."

So Bridget gives us the "how-to" on making her cookies. So yours (and mine) can look like the ones above. How hard can it be?...........

On to the next mecca of cookie decorating.

Amanda writes I Am Baker. She also has a blog on raising her kids called I Am Mommy.

Below are all of her cookies. Can you say "Ah-Mazing!!."

She has a different recipe to her royal icing. This one lacks the use of meringue powder which costs about $14.00 a can. I am Baker also has tutorials as well with step by step pictures. (All of these ladies that I am telling you about write in and give tutorials on University of Cookie.)

She likes rainbows.

When you look up "sugar cookies" in your search engine, you will find Sweetopia as one of the first hits. She also is part of University of Cookie and gives tutorials.
I hate the blogs that just show pictures. They don't tell you how they made anything. Just pictures. Cool. But I want to make that!
Give me the recipe.
If it's good enough for you to post pictures of, then show me what you did. Is it that secret?
That's why I like these ladies. They give you the how-to of making THEIR cookies. No secrets with them!
Love it!
The last picture is one thing that I have learned from all of these blogs.
Royal icing is a Royal Pain. See below.
You have bottles filled with the same color as those that are in the piping bags. A little overkill right? Wrong. Here's what's going on. In the bottles is the thinned icing used for "flooding". In the piping bags is the thick icing used for outlining and decorating. Wowsers.
My shopping list now includes more bottles and more piping tips that are the same small size. (I am not good enough to tell you what size yet...but small will do.)

Again here are the blogs:
University of Cookie- Amazing tutorials from the best ever cookie decorators
I am Baker- The mommy and amazing cookie decorator. I want her style
Sweetopia- More tutorials. Makes it look so easy.
Bake at 350- Founder of University of Cookie
Bake it Pretty- Where you can find all your baking needs.
And there it is. Maybe next weekend I will try these again. I just have to give my kitchen a break. And I need to get back to the gym. This is killing me. ha.

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