Thursday, May 27, 2010

New Music Discovery

Like I said in a previous post, Matt and I just started a subscription with Netflix. Because we didn't have enough to watch on TV, we decided that we we needed a new TV show :) We have always said we wanted to watch 'Rescue Me,' a show that plays on FX about a firefighter and their fire house. It is pretty much a guys version on Sex in the City or another form of Entourage but in a firehouse, with lots of colorful language and scenes that push the limit of what should be shown on TV. Needless to say, Matt loves it. We are now done with season 1 and are hooked. While watching, there were some scenes with the most beautiful music and I failed to write down lyrics so that I could Google them like I do. Instead I had to search for 'Rescue Me' music and listen to every song from season 1. Boy I am glad that I did that. I found that the two songs that I was in love with were by the SAME artist. His name is Tyrone Wells and he is amazing. Acoustic guitar and beautiful harmonies. If you get a chance, listen to the songs "When All is Said and Done" and "All I Can Do." You can also find him on MySpace (which is a great tool for finding new music) but these two songs aren't on there. I promise you will LOVE him! Enjoy!

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