Thursday, May 13, 2010

Documentaries to Watch

Matt and I just joined the Netflix community last week. We have movies of our "Queue" list that we have picked out to watch either instantly on our Wii or computer. Our movies range from Rambo to Cool Runnings to Autism: The Musical. BUT my favorite thing yet is that I get to watch documentaries. I love it.
Some people may not know this about me, but I have always had a passion for the country Africa. I have never really talked about it much. There is something about the country; the hurt, the sickness, the BEAUTY, the SPIRIT, the belief of a higher power even when everything else seems to be going wrong. The people are beautiful inside and out and the fact that they can still dance and sing amazes me. I sprung it on Matt the other night that I want to adopt a child from Africa, I think it kinda freaked him out haha. So we will just have to see what the future brings us and what kind of decisions we will make.
As far as the documentaries that I have watched and totally recommend here they are:

War Dance.
"Set in civil war-ravaged Northern Uganda, this Best Documentary Oscar nominee follows the lives of three youngsters who attend school in a refugee camp and find hope through a rich tradition of song and dance. Coming from a world in which children are abducted from their families and forced to fight in the rebel army, these kids give it their all when they travel to the capital city to take part in the prestigious Kampala Music Festival."

This documentary is so inspiring and has one of the best messages I have heard in a while. Watch this film. There is a reason it has won and been nominated for a bunch of awards.

The next Documentary is: I Am Because We Are

"On a journey to the African country of Malawi, where the AIDS epidemic has orphaned more than a million children, Madonna guides viewers through a series of gut-wrenching stories, offering her unique perspective of the events along the way. The documentary, both a detailed portrait of poverty and an urgent call to action, also features insights from experts such as Bill Clinton, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Jeffrey Sachs and Paul Farmer."

Children orphaned because their parents die from AIDS. Children taking care of children; what a selfless act. There is something that each one of us can learn from listening to what THEY have to say.

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