Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bachelorette Party!!!!!!

Weekend Itinerary:

9:45 AM Saturday: Abby, Kim, and I get in Emily's car and drive the 1.5 hours to Table Rock Lake11:20: Pull into the lake house and find Dacia, my mom, Kendra, Sally, and Joanna.
Give hugs and put on swim suits11:45: Drive down to the dock and get in the boat. Boat batteries are dead and we have to wait until the battery is brought back to us. In the meantime, we move the Pontoon out of the boat slip and tie up so that we can be in the sun.
12:30: Boat batteries are back, charged, and put back in the boat. We take the boat for a test drive and then sit in the cove and get some sun.
1:30: We decide that we need to move the boat because we keep being blown close to land. We move the boat a few coves down from where we are.
1:45: Arrive at the cove and park.
1:55: Realize that we are drifting once again too close to shore and try and start the boat so that we can move it. BOAT DOESN'T START!

Kim paddles and makes sure we don't hit a tree.

Joanna ties a rope onto the tree to keep us from drifting into the rocks on shore.

2:15: Boaters near by offer to give us a tow to our dock. It takes a while to get the right rope and get a knot tied.

Then we got towed by a fishing boat to get us to Dacia's mom and dad at the marina for them to see what is wrong with the boat.

Its okay because we were still ALL SMILES!

3:00: Bob checks out the boat and turns the key and the boat STARTS! So we head really fast to the boat dock, park, and clean everything up.
4:00: Get back to the house and everyone takes turns in the shower to get ready for the evening.
7:00: Reservations at The Outback. We enjoyed dinner and the start to our evening of good drinks.
9:00: Headed to Throttle Down to continue our fun evening together. When we got there we got drinks and sat in the back. People from the bar brought me shots and gave me advice, some good and some very interesting.

Later I got to see my cake that Kim made. We cut it and it was amazing! Thanks Kim!

1:00 AM: The evening ended and we headed back to the house.

It was a great weekend filled with some of my best friends that I absolutely love. Thank you so much for making this weekend so special!

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