Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Dreaded Deadline!

So the "deadline" has come and gone.  Some of us made it and some filed for that good ol' extension. 

Did we all survive?  Boy I hope so.

My Taxman, (hum hum...my father-in-law..) never told us how good of a deal it was to get married. 

Haha.  I might not have waited a year and a half to get hitched.  But oh well.  Now we know.

Matt and I have a different look inside the "tax world."  Matts dad is a C.P.A. and owns his own firm.  I will put a plug in right about now- Riggs & Associates C.P.A.- he rocks.

Even though I don't personally know what the schedule is like, I do know that all C.P.A.s and staff work hard up until that last day...APRIL 15 (or April 18 this year...thank you gov't)

In honor of their hard work, I decided I needed to make a treat.  I'm kinda in to making cookies.  There is always something new and I am learning every time how to do a better job.

so check out below what I made.  It only took about 4 hours to make 24 cookies........


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