Sunday, April 10, 2011

Birthday Treat

The other day I texted my father-in-law to see what dessert he wanted to have for his birthday. I didn't have to wait one minute and he had already told me what he wanted...

I don't even have a name for this dessert. It's just called, "The Orea thing" and I know exactly what people are wanting.

OK so this is sooooo easy and soooooo good. It is one of my favorite if not my all time favorite summer treat.

I don't even make it during the winter months.

I guess it's all because my mom used to make it when we were growing up and it was always a summer thing.

Sunday is the birthday day so we will get to enjoy this.

But I have a secret....

I made Matt and I one as well. So we won't have to share. haha. Sneeky.

You're going to LOVE this recipe below.


The main ingredients you need are:


Cool Whip (soft)

Vanilla Ice cream (soft)

Chocolate Syrup

And any toppings you like.


Crush Oreos and put on the bottom of the dish. I added a little chocolate syrup on top.


Then add the soft ice cream ontop of the Oreo crust.


Then cover with the softened cool whip.


Top with more crushed Oreos and chocolate syrup



See, I made 2. L.O.V.E.

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