Thursday, January 20, 2011

Step Stool

Our niece, Macie, just turned ONE in January. I decided to make her a step stool that I decorated. I think it turned out super cute and I had so much fun making it for her. Here is what I did:
I bought the wood step stool from Hobby Lobby. It was baout $8.00. I also bought scrap book paper to cover it with.

I covered the step stool with the paper and used the Mod-Podge to make put it on. I ended up using chip clips to keep the paper on while it dried.

Some pictures of it before it dried.

I also bought some wooden letters that spelled out her name. I traced and then carefully cut out the letters with an Exacto knife. This was a little time consuming.

I then used the Mod-Podge to glue on the letters. I did her name on each side of the stool and then on the top.

Here is the picture of what the top ended up looking like. I thought it turned out so good and Macie ended up playing on it the night I gave it to her.

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