Sunday, January 2, 2011


As the crafts have been flowing, I have been checking out some blogs that have some of the best ideas. Here are some that I just love and don't think would be so hard. My niece, Macie, is turning 1 in a little over a week. Hopefully Marisa and Macie will be moving soon and then Macie will have her own bedroom that we can decorate so CUTE! Some of these are decorations and some are just fun ideas. Love them all :)

A wreath that is just the green foam wrapped in yarn. To make this a holiday wreath they added ornaments. I can see this in bright orange with some fun summer/spring flowers on it. So cute and easy to do.

These are canvas' that are painted and then buttons are put in any pattern to create a fun picture. Perfect for a little girls room.

I don't have an herb garden yet, but these can be made from paint stirrers and then letters are glued on. This is such a fun and inexpensive gift for the gardener.

Scrap wood can be turned into ABC blocks. Take pictures around the house or of everyday objects that correlate with each letter of the alphabet. On one side mod-podge the picture and on the other mod-podge the corresponding word.

We have all seen these puzzles. Mod-podge a picture on the blocks and then cut them. Then have fun putting it together!

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