Friday, May 20, 2011

Dessert or Desert?

Teacher Appreciation week was this past week at Elm Tree Elementary.  We had a fun filled week but today took the cake.  Subs covered every classroom from 11-1 today while we ate and played games.  Really we all just relaxed at the workplace.  I participated in a three-legged race and won an iTunes gift card and another teacher won a broken toe...

There was also a dessert contest.  Of course the tables were full of desserts that teachers and staff brought.  Gues what?  I was the only one that brought cookies.  There was cake after cake.

And everyone ate the cakes.

There was no cookie love.

Thanks guys.  Only 5 hours of work...

To make the below cookies :)

It's cool.  Maybe I will take a cake decorating class next year so that I can make a better cake then the art teacher.  I think that is my new goal.  haha

To all the ETE teachers and all the teachers out there that have a harder job then anyone gives you credit for; you rock!


To this day I remember the spelling difference between Dessert and Desert thanks to my 7th grade teacher.
Dessert has 2 s's because you always go back for seconds....

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  1. You are the right leg to my left. The potato to my sack. And, if you bring the cookies to my house right now I will eat them all.


    ps: LOVE the blog. I'll be baaak.