Monday, October 24, 2011

What's In A Name?

Last night I wrote about how we told our family that we were having a GIRL.  Now I think it is time to share the name to everyone.  We have been telling people as they ask, but haven't done any kind of formal announcement. 

One night during the summer when Matt was working on our new fence, I went out with a chair and name book.  As he put in screws, I read off all the names that I thought could be in the running.  Of those that he liked, I wrote down.  So we had a list for a girl and if it were a boy we already had a name picked out.  So really, it was all about finding a girls name.  So when we found out that it was a "she" and not a "he", we pulled out that girls name list.  Every night before bed we would discuss our opinions of the names.  Once we had a first and middle name that we liked, we used it for a bit to make sure we really liked it.

The name we choose was:  AVERY JUNE LOVELADY

We choose Avery because we liked the name and it was different enough.  June is my Grandmothers name and we thought it was perfect for a middle name.  Not only is Avery a great name by itself, but we can also call her A.J.  My Grandmother, June, is my only living Grandmother.  Anyone that knows June Harter knows that she would do ANYTHING for you.  She is always entertaining, always making something sweet, and has been one of my biggest cheerleaders in life.  I could never think of anyone else I would rather name our first daughter after.
We are SOOOO ready to meet little Avery!

(These are the letters I made for her room.  So sweet and so PINK)

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