Sunday, October 3, 2010

Bridals in STL!

When Matt and I started planning our wedding we had a dilemma that we had to work out before everything. One of Matt's best friends, Jeremy Cavness, is a professional wedding photographer. He takes AMAZING photos and I so wanted him as our photographer. BUT Matt also wanted him as a groomsmen. We gave Jeremy the two options of either being in the wedding or taking the pictures. Of course he choose being in the wedding which was what we knew he would choose. Eventhough I had to hire someone else to take photos, Jeremy still helped us out with our engagement pictures and my bridals. While we were in STL a few days before the wedding we went to Downtown STL and took my bridals. They turned out AMAZING as I knew they would. He even got his shot of me and the arch in the background. We love Jeremy and are so blessed that he could help us with our pictures as well as being a part of our wedding. You can check him out at

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